aquarium nitrate removalAquarium Nitrate Removal

Aquarium Nitrate Removal is proud to announce the most advanced aquarium nitrate remover product to date X-NO3. This revolutionary product makes aquarium nitrate problems a thing of the past. Effectively remove nitrates from your aquarium in hours, not days, and did we mention without water changes!

Home aquariums have become a popular and intriguing hobby for many people across the country in recent years. Setting up the habitat, selecting the fish and plants, and maintaining your ecosystem make for an enjoyable experience no matter your age. Uncontrollable algae blooms and unexplained fish death, however, are not so pleasant and are often a result of high nitrate levels. Don’t worry though, the makers of X-NO3 have come up with a solution for your water chemistry and aquarium nitrate removal needs so you can enjoy your aquarium for years to come. X-NO3 is long-lasting, effective aquarium nitrate remover, and straightforward: simply add to your aquarium and regenerate when necessary.

X-No3 Aquarium Nitrate RemoverX-NO3 makes it possible to remove nitrates from saltwater or freshwater aquariums without water changes. It is safe for even the most fragile aquarium inhabitants and won’t negatively affect the water quality of your aquarium. In addition, it is a great cost-effective method of aquarium nitrate removal due to the ability to regenerate indefinitely with simple table salt. What more could you ask for?! Learn more about X-NO3 by browsing our Frequently Asked Questions, see what people are saying on the Reviews page, directly communicate your questions and concerns with us by clicking Contact Us, or buy X-NO3 for your own aquarium with our Shopping Cart!


DIRECTIONS: For aquarium nitrate removal, use in a phosphate reactor or as a filter media. As soon as the water goes through the reactor the water will be completely brought down to zero nitrates. 8oz of X-N03 will remove 100 ppm nitrates for 200 gallons of water. X-No3 is a nitrate selective media mix that will instantly remove nitrates through the process of ion exchange safely, and with out side effects. There are zero harmful effects to reef systems and it is safe for inverts and corals. TO RECHARGEX-N03 is entirley rechargable! Fill a 5 gallon bucket with plain water and water softener salt at the rate of 1.5 pounds of salt per 1 gallon of fresh water. Put the phosphate reactor pump in the 5 gallon bucket and put the other end down the drain. When the 5 gallon bucket is empty, X-No3 will be ready to remove another 100 ppm nitrates from 200 gallons of water. There is no limit to the washes that can be done!

  •  For aquarium nitrate removal
  • Removes nitrates in hours!
  • One purchase-lifetime use.
  • X-No3 speeds coral growth while decreasing algae growth!
  •  Eliminates the need for water changes.
  •  Safe for freshwater and saltwater.
  •  Nitrate selective, will not cause any side effects.

X-No3 Aquarium Nitrate Remover