Jen T. from Minneapolis, MN
June 17, 2015

“Great product. I purchased X-NO3 for use in my small 20 gallon aquarium that was experiencing algae growth. After testing the water chemistry and discovering the nitrate level was over 80ppm, I researched nitrate removers and came across X-NO3. I ordered the product and was pleased with how quickly it arrived. After adding it to my aquarium I almost immediately saw a difference. Within hours my nitrate level was down to 50ppm, and continued to drop to about 20ppm. I’ve regenerated the X-NO3 quite a few times to maintain these desirable nitrate levels and it works just as good as when I first used it. I have not had any issues with algae since! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with nitrate problems in their aquariums!”

Steven R. from Burlington, VT
September 6, 2015

“Instantly lowered nitrate levels in my home aquarium. Great quality, fair price, and extremely effective!”

Janet P. from Jacksonville, FL
May 23, 2015

“X-NO3 drastically increased the reproductive rates of my breeding fish in my home breeding tank. Also decreased the disease and death rates among adults and babies alike. Overall very pleased with this product. Not only has it saved me money on expensive nitrate removers, but it has improved the growth of my population and profits!”

Roger B. from Alameda, CA
August 29, 2015

“I’ve had a home aquarium for quite some time now. My current set up is a very expensive 200 gallon saltwater tank with several fragile species of fish. I began to notice quite a few fish dying for no apparent reason, and this continued for a few weeks while I adjusted salinity, food, and temperature in an attempt to stabilize the ecosystem to no avail. Finally a friend suggested I test for nitrates, and sure enough my nitrate levels were out of control. I scoured the web for the best nitrate remover and decided on X-NO3. I was very pleased with the product as it lowered my nitrate levels to almost undetectable amounts and none of my fish have died since. Not only has this saved me money on replacing fish, but I’ve also been able to regenerate the X-NO3 for continued use and have not had to purchase any more to maintain the nitrate levels. Excellent product for small or large scale aquarists.”